Didn't want to watch a video?

Alright, alright... so maybe my videos aren't Hollywood level.

This blog shares my long and exhausting road to finding ways to advocate for myself. 

Read more for my personal thoughts on all areas of living with a
chronic illness.

I remember the first day I fell ill in February of 2012 like it was yesterday.


My health and wellness had never been a concern in my early twenties until it became debilitating.


As I remained undiagnosed for eight more years, I experienced several emotional and physical encounters throughout my journey.


With my rare neuromuscular condition being addressed in 2020, I chose to document the past and the present for those who are are in a similar situation.


I hope this blog is relatable and helpful for both those who are still undiagnosed with their chronic issues, and also those who are trying their very best to heal old wounds from the traumas of living with and managing a chronic illness.


-Lexie Welsh, Founder Uncharted Malady

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